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Who We Are

Who We Are

Company Introduction

As Inter Market Knit our core is a firm commitment to creating low environmental impact, premium quality socks manufacturer.

Founded in 1998 in Pakistan, through our knowledge and expertise, accumulated over 2 decades, we are recognized as innovative developers and a quality-centric company.

We assure our customers of consistent quality and the best value for money.

Our Vision

“To be a state-of-the-art socks’ knitting unit and using the best raw material that returns mutual growth.

To be the team that changes people and redefines satisfaction while setting new standards of excellence”

Our Mission

“To focus the energies and capabilities of our people and create a workplace where learning is fostered, integrity of character is inculcated and development par excellence is the driver of economic activity.

We will continuously re-shape and transform ourselves to achieve world class workmanship and brilliance in our culture.”

What We Promise - Our Commitment

            Our promise is to:

  • Develop outstanding socks and use the best quality yarns  that provide the best value for money. 
  • Guarantee peace of mind by ensuring consistent socks material . Constantly innovate to bring comfort to every foot.
  • Collaborate with our partners to obtain long-term, sustainable growth, while remaining open to new ventures. 
  • Adhere to all applicable laws and ethical standards
  • We Use the best socks material/Yarns like cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, wool and bamboo.
  • Constantly focus on minimizing our environmental footprint.

We deliver what our customers want

            Market Analysis

  • We conducted more than 34 independent Market Analysis to ascertain end consumer requirements.
  • Developed independent product lines to match results of consumer analysis.
  • Specialized products aimed at providing targeted comfort to customers.

           Supply chain

  • Developed unconventional supply chains to meet customer needs. Using BCI cotton, nylon from plastic recovered from the oceans and numerous sustainability efforts.


  • We worked hard to meet tough pricing demands of customers round the world.

Our Core Values


Dream, Create and Inspire. Discover, Learn, Change and the rest will follow

Customer Luxury

Our Customers are our Elite. Meeting fine detailed requirements from them in a short time excite us. Intense Customer focus for learning and growth. We will make our selves available for our customers everywhere possible and we will not tolerate their inconvenience. We will turn chance into success.

Dependable Integrity

Being responsible, honest and transparent is our style


We will practice humility in acknowledging a problem. We will seek perfection through incremental and step improvement. We will elevate scientific and systematic thinking. We will focus on processes and concentrate on the flow & pull value.

Care and Respect

We hold in highest esteem customers and people. We are acutely aware of the responsibility we have toward the environment. We listen to understand and follow through on our commitments. We will involve everyone in achieving sustainability.

What We Offer

Sports Socks

Work Wear Socks

Football Socks

Casual Socks

Dress Socks


Thermal Socks

Diabetics Socks

Gradual Compression Socks

Strength & Achievements

Established In
2.5 1 M
Annual Capacity OF PAIRS
1 +
Customers Served
1 %
Employee Retention
1 %
Client Audit Success
1 +
Employee Trainings Conducted

Global Presence




Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers & Exporters Association, North Zone


The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)


Better Cotton Initiative


All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA)


History of Socks

Socks Manufacturing Process

Preserving our present for the future, developing our people to put customers first.

Would you like to start a project with us?

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