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Sourcing Services
Production Planning
Quality Management



Sourcing Services

Inter Market over the years has gained expert knowledge on sourcing. We have developed reliable and quality vendors all across the region including China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and India. We can source almost any yarn available at a short notice. Our sourcing capabilities are not only limited to sourcing yarns but includes machinery parts and auxiliary equipment, needles and spare parts etc.

Production Planning & Control (PPC)

The PPC team manages the machine loading, gives delivery schedules and ensures that shipment dates are met. One of the key responsibilities of the ERP team is red flagging which means instant identification of issues that can or may lead to a possible delay in delivery dates to the customer. With the Red Flagging responsibility PPC department is constantly watching production from various departments for all orders and the movement of every order as it passes from one process to the next.  

Quality Management System (QMS)

Exceeding customer expectations is our goal. As such the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) was set up to cater to the high quality standards of all the production processes of Inter Market. It ensures that the products comply with the company's own stringent guidelines and conforms above most international standards.

Maintaining and improving the quality of our product (sock) and our quality management system is the corner stone of our quality policy. The adoption of QMS is the strategic decision of the organization and the company has established, documented, implemented and maintained a quality management system in accordance with International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

The company is using a process approach for developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of quality management system. At every step of the production process, checking procedures clearly reflect that quality is our number one priority. We are not only meeting rather surpassing the international quality standards and consistently getting passed in every audit by local and international organizations.

The QAD department ensures that quality standards are maintained and customer requirements are met.

Inspection Process

  • Independent inline inspection at every stage of the product development for quality control i.e. Knitting, Linking, Processing, Pressing/Boarding, Finishing/Packaging.
  • Final inspection before delivery.

Inline & Final Inspection

Inline inspection is carried out at every stage of product development like knitting, linking, processing, boarding & packing with well trained staff. QAD is trying its best to fulfill the requirements of its customer i.e. size specs, size fitting, stretch & weight etc. The final inspection (internal or external) is performed in accordance to AQL which is internationally acceptable. Inter Market has a very stringent policy regarding quality control. Final inspection is made before delivery and goods cannot leave the factory, until, QAD issues the release note.

Quality is the top priority at Inter Market

QAD is critical as, it plays a vital role in customer retention, market value of the company, and quality certification. The major clientele of Inter Market consists of some of the world's top brands and socks businesses so QAD ensures that the requirements of these brands/socks businesses are fulfilled effectively.

Quality Audit (QA) and AQL at different stages of the product development

QAD is established for verification and validation of product, process and equipment. It is also responsible for inspection and testing at intermediate and final stages of product realization process.  

Product Development Stage
AQL in Normal Case
AQL in Special Case



Pressing / Boarding
2.5 1.5
Packing 2.5 2.5
Final Inspection 4.0 2.5

Quality Audit at Knitting

Quality Audit at Linking

Quality Audit at Processing

Lots are developed with respect to the compartment of the machine. The process is run with respect to the recipe followed by shift incharge and machine operator step by step up to the finished goods. Each step of process is verified in multi-light box with STEP standard. At the end Quality Inspector checks the finished lot with respect to the given standard (color swatch/physical sample sock).

Quality Audit at Boarding / Pressing 


Quality Audit at Packing / Finishing (Daily)

Per piece quality checking
Packing quality checking  

Final Quality Audit (Consignment)  

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The ERP system at Inter Market is fully implemented in all the functions of the organization. The vision is to provide a login to our customers so that they gain the ability to instantly view their order status and the estimated shipment dates. The overriding corporate objective is predicting customer needs and exceeding customer satisfaction.

At Inter Market the implementation and the development of customized modules has taken almost three years but it has proven to be extremely potent tool for the entire organization. Its dig down reporting system is used by all managers. The information provides instant visibility of order status, deliveries and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

The ERP management and the IT team is working as the nervous system of the organization, checking correct entries on a daily basis and ensuring through several procedures that the data entered is valid and correct.


Preventive Maintenance System (PMS)

Under the preventive maintenance system all the machinery and equipment at Inter Market are tested and calibrated as per OEM standards. The system minimizes shut downs and ensures a smooth production. The department also runs a card system which allocates priority to the job orders from various departments and ensures that all maintenance is completed within prescribed time limits.





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