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Remembering The Founder

The fundamental principle that continues to drive Intermarket Knit was given by the founder and the first CEO of the company Abdul Waheed Khan (1947 – 2006). Waheed Khan believed that when given the right environment and guideline humans respond and change the way they live. Hence he founded Intermarket Knit in 1994 with the resources that he had to create an environment that would be living example of his conviction. The team at IMK remembers Waheed Khan as a strong and a kind leader – a man with a vision, who spent endless hours at work to set up management systems. His work methodology and philosophy is a guiding light for the management team at IMK.  

To be a state of the art sock producing unit that provides all stakeholders with the best possible returns for mutual growth. To be the team that changes people and redefines satisfaction while setting new standards of excellence.
To focus the energies and capabilities of our people and create a workplace where learning is fostered, integrity of character is inculcated and development par excellence is the driver of economic activity, continuously re-shaping and transforming us in the pursuit of the creation of an entity where pure merit, world class workmanship and brilliance is the culture.
  Core Values  
Our professionalism reflects in our core values of honesty and equity, respect for all, fairness in dealings, integrity of character and transparency in all functions.



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