/> Assad Ali Lodhi - Socks Manufacturer

Assad Ali Lodhi

Mr. Lodhi is a Director at Inter Market Knit and is regarded as a mentor to many people working in various fields in Pakistan. Working and learning from him is a privilege as he is always ready to help, guide and advise. He has counselled and led many who have achieved success in their respective industries. Mr. Lodhi is considered as a promoter of sustainability and believes that there is no task that is worth any work without sustainability. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from one of the leading universities in the country, University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Mr. Lodhi has hands-on experience in setting up an entire business. Mr. Lodhi is well versed in Project Management, Risk Analysis, Supply Chain Performance, Lean Manufacturing Systems, Strategy Deployment and possesses very strong leadership and people’s management skills. Being instrumental in bringing creativity into life, Mr. Lodhi is a leader in change management who has successfully cultivated the paradigm shift.  

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