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Inter Market is one of the leading socks manufacturer in Pakistan.


How Socks are Made

Socks manufacturing will not be a high-tech business, nevertheless, it includes many detailed processes. Each part of the manufacturing should coordinate with one another to make sure high-quality necessities and time-controlling. In this put up we are going to speak about sock manufacturing’s complete process. The complete socks manufacturing process takes many steps, Pattern Coding  …

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History of Socks

History of Socks

The earliest known surviving pair of socks Created by naalbinding. Dating from 300-500, these were excavated from Oxyrhynchus on the Nile and Egypt. The split toes were designed for use with sandals. On display with the Victoria & Albert Museum, reference 2085&A-1900. Up until the Middle Ages: Socks as a status symbol Before the Industrial Revolution, socks …

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