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EHS Policy


Inter Market is committed to operate in a manner that helps reduce the EHS risks to all its stake-holders. It continuously reviews its processes and make improvements that can help reduce the EHS risks. It tries to protect and conserve the environment and devotes adequate resources that are required to achieve this goal.

Environmental Management System

Inter Market Knit Pvt. Limited is committed to the establishment and maintenance of word-class environmental, safety, and occupational health programs-programs designed to protect the environment and health of our people, our customers, and the community where we operate. The organization strives to operate in this manner not only to comply with laws and regulations, but also to demonstrate responsible environmental stewardship and maintain a positive relationship with our community stakeholders. IMK recognizes that operational, economic, environmental, public, and social concerns are all integrally linked to the organizationís future. Meeting the commitment to protect these concerns is a primary senior management objective as well as the individual and collective responsibility of all employees worldwide.  

Health & Safety

Inter Market Knit Pvt. Limited is committed to creating a safe and a healthy work environment for its Employees. In this context the organization will provide the required and necessary training to all employees to ensure that they are trained to perform their job responsibilities in a safe manner. Under this policy IMK will also strive to provide personal protection equipment to employees that will ensure a greater level of protection than the minimum required to protect workers from the hazards.

Another purpose of this guideline is to ensure that all Health and Safety related incidents are reported and investigated according to legislative requirements. Reporting all incidents provides the organization with an accurate record that can be used to determine the most efficient use of resources in prevention strategies. Good accident investigation is an effective proactive measure in the prevention of work-related injury or illness. It is not designed to apportion blame on any individual or group. This policy has been put into place to "keep information and records relating to work-related injuries suffered by employees." and never misses. IMK is committed to use these records to identify workplace hazards in order develop control measures to prevent accidents. Management has intensively invested in health & safety related issues. All manufacturing areas are equipped with Fire Alarm System, compatible with International Standards.



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