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Human Resource
Employee Perspective



Usman Leghari and his career

The top management at Inter Market Knit is committed to provide its staff with an environment in which they can flourish. There is a technically challenging work environment characterized by a continuing need for development, the pursuit of new technology & adoption of new ways of working. It provides employees with a culture that encourages and rewards innovation, collaboration, and the ability to learn from success as well as failure.

What I am doing now?

Being a Management & Systems Accountant, my job focuses on providing concise, relevant & reliable, financial & non-financial information from company’s ERP system to support decision making. I believe that my duties as the Manager ERP complement my role as a management accountant.

It provides me the opportunity to analyse & identify problem areas & make recommendations to streamline and improve processes and procedures. All these efforts are geared towards achieving efficient, cost-effective systems & technology solutions which deliver on-time and accurate financial & management information to meet the specific management requirements.




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