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Golden 9 Benefits

24/7 Communication

Our Business Development team remains in communication with you till the order is confirmed. Our dedicated team of Merchandizers take the process forward and stay in communication with you till the delivery of your order. We are always there for you!

Yarn as per your Requirement

We are aware of the diverse range of modern yarns present in the market and we only make use of yarns which are required by our customers. We play our part as responsible citizens by making use of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Yarn and we make sure that our yarn suppliers are BCI certified. We constantly do our research, consult with yarn developers all over the world, and have established firm partnerships with yarn leaders

Maximum Value Addition

As practitioners of Lean Manufacturing Systems, we have minimized our Muda (wasteful activities) to increase our efficiency and produce socks that offer the best value for money.

Sustainable Socks

We guarantee that your socks are made with care to the society and environment. This way, you can wear your socks with contentment and pride.

Attention to Detail

Socks need to be made out of precision. We pay attention to the minute details of our socks being produced so that even a basic stitch is produced in complete harmony.

Constant Quality Check

Our Quality Assurance team is dedicated to excellence and has a strict Quality Control. The team inspects the socks at all production stages.

Ethical Business Check

We have provided anti-bribery trainings to our employees and have conveyed our policy to our stake holders. Our policy applies to all our stake holders which consist of our Employees, Business Partners, Suppliers, Service Providers, Third Parties, and Consultants.

R&D Support

Our highly skilled R&D Team has developed a range of Green Products with each component of the sock being environmental friendly. Our team has developed socks with materials like Nomex® (heat and fire resistant), anti-cut socks from Kevlar®, and environment friendly socks from Castor Oil yarn.

Our team provides you with ideas of innovation and develops your products as per latest designs.

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