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Research & Development

Inter Market has made considerable investment in pursuit of having an operational system that takes care of its expansion programs and its ambitions to achieve excellence.

Inter Market has successfully assisted various foreign companies in designing and developing the products for upcoming seasons. Inter Market has a highly developed system of production planning and control. The system takes into account the intricacies associated with the production of socks. Of course general principles of checks and balances are instituted at major critical junctures. The system lays enormous emphasis on both lateral and pyramidical communication channels. Most activities are serialized in order to provide continuity.

Both achievement and error reporting mechanisms are firmly ingrained in the system. A tremendous effort has been put in to cater for human errors. Management's co-ordination between disciplines is rigorously followed.

The importance of continuous product improvement is recognized at all echelons of IMK's Management. The development and continuous improvement process extends to most on-line departments like Procurement, Knitting, Linking, Processing, Boarding and Packing. Development of yarns, utilization of newer and better techniques to create stylish effects of yarn mixtures is a process in which IMK excels and is geared up to achieve further heights.  








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